Your work is important.  Maybe you’re changing lives, changing
minds, even changing the world.

But to have true impact, people need to know about you -- what
you're doing and what you stand for.

Peitho Communications specializes in forwarding the agendas of
people who are striving to make a difference – non-profits,
associations, organizations, and small businesses that have something
important to say.  

From public relations to media relations, cause-related marketing to
strategic partnerships, we develop and execute customized
communications campaigns that get you noticed – by the media,
policymakers, potential donors, whoever your target audience is.

And because we understand that your resources are precious, our
cost-conscious philosophy ensures that you get premium expertise
without the premium price tag.

Whether you need a fully integrated communications campaign, or
targeted help for a specific project or promotion, Peitho
Communications brings you top rate creativity, dedication, and

Let us help you make a difference.

Peitho Communications takes its name from the Greek Goddess of
Persuasion, because persuasion is the essence of good
Peitho Communications

Peitho Communications LLC